ScoreKeeper News: Volume 2 - November 24, 2004

ODBC Data Source Driver

The Gymnastics ScoreKeeper is a highly flexible program for running a meet and reporting results. It has an array of useful output formats. However, sometimes you may need more. More flexibility, more options, more data analysis. Wouldn't it be great if you could extract information into your favorite database or spreadsheet tool or even another report writer?

The Gymnastics ScoreKeeper ODBC Data Source Driver gives you the flexibility and options you need. It opens up the data files so you can use them with other tools.


ODBC is an acronym for Open Data Base Connectivity, a fancy term for a standard from Microsoft that allows data-oriented software from different manufacturers to share data access.

Regardless of the underlying structure of the data, ODBC gives users a common interface to read and in some cases write that data, The program accessing data through ODBC does not know, and does not need to know, in what form the data actually exists on the workstation or network.

The common language for accessing data through ODBC is SQL, an acronym for Structured Query Language. SQL, often pronounced "Sequel" is a rich and proweerful language based on English that lets you ask questions of the data in simple or complex queries and returns the subset of the data matching your query.

Fortunately, you seldom need to know anything about SQL. The accessing program such as Access, Excel, Word, Crystal Reports or others, handles the translation from their own internal data querying method to the SQL needed to talk to ODBC.

TopSpeed ODBC Driver

The Gymnastics ScoreKeeper ODBC Data Source Driver is built around the TopSpeed ODBC Driver. The Gymnastics ScoreKeeper stores its data in the TopSpeed database format and the ODBC Driver from TopSpeed provides the core functionality needed to read The Gymnastics ScoreKeeper's data files.

However, an ODBC Driver by itself is not very useful unless you know something about the data you are reading, something beyond the names of the data fields. The Gymnastics ScoreKeeper ODBC Data Source Driver includes an Installation and User's Guide that describes the data tables and fields and indicates the relationships between the data.


The Gymnastics ScoreKeeper ODBC Data Source Driver gives you enormous flexibility in extracting and reporting on your existing practice information.

At a cost of only $200.00 per computer, the ODBC Driver is a cost effective tool for extending the power of The Gymnastics ScoreKeeper.