ScoreKeeper News: Volume 4 - January 13, 2005

Checking for Updates from the Help Menu

Checking for program updates is now quick and easy. From ScoreKeeper's Help menu, click on Check Web for Updates. This will open your default internet browser to a page telling you if there is a newer update available and, if so, providing a link to download it.


Copying a Team from Another Meet

One of ScoreKeeper's time-saving features is letting you copy a visiting team from another meet. On the team list for the current meet, you will find the usual three buttons for managing list records: Plus (add), Delta (change), and Minus, (delete). Immediately to the left of the Plus button is another button with a plus inside a magnifying glass (a clever choice, if I do say so myself). This button will let you pick a visiting team from another meet either in the current season or a past one.

When you click on this button an Explorer-like tree list opens showing meets in the current season. A drop down at the top of the list lets you select a different season. On the list you will see the meets entered for that season. Click on the small plus sign to the left of the meet name to expand that meet so you can see and select from the teams in that meet. You can double-click the desired team or highlight it and click on the select button, the one in the lower left with the pointing hand. It will take several seconds to copy all of the information from the old meet to the new one.

Once the new team is listed, you can edit it and enter the lineups; ScoreKeeper copies the gymnasts but leaves the lineups to you. If you copied a team from an earlier season, you still have to add the new gymnasts and remove those no longer on the team.