ScoreKeeper News: Volume 7 - October 24, 2005

Important New Features in Version 1.2

ScoreKeeper Remote

Remote is a stand-alone program designed to be run on a computer at each head judge's station networked to the main ScoreKeeper computer. As the judge scores become available, the user (usually someone other than the judge) enters the scores on a screen similar to the score entry screen in the main ScoreKeeper program but even easier to use. The new scores are instantly updated on the main computer which can then update web pages and display scoreboards and generate meet result reports. If connected to a ScoreKeeper Flasher digital flasher display, the Remote computer will also display the gymnast's name, the individual judge scores, and the final score.

ScoreKeeper Flasher Scoreboards

ScoreKeeper Flasher is an exciting new product and our first hardware product. It consists of a color digital display scoreboard that connects to either the main ScoreKeeper computer or a ScoreKeeper Remote computer at each head judge's station. When a score is entered, the display will first show the gymnast's name, then each judge's score, then the final average score. If you want, you can turn off the individual judge scores. The display will cycle through this sequence for the number of seconds you determine then will change to show the name of the event. Click Here for more information and to see some pictures showing actual screens.

Flasher includes a sturdy tripod stand and all the hardware and software necessary to be up and running immediately. The price of each display unit is $1000 plus shipping and handling. If you have priced other digital displays, you will find that ScoreKeeper flasher is significantly less expensive and it is the only one that interfaces directly with ScoreKeeper.

ScoreKeeper Viewer

ScoreKeeper Viewer is a useful new stand-alone accessory included in this upgrade. Its single function is to display live results as they are updated either from the main ScoreKeeper computer or from ScoreKeeper Remote. You can view team results and details plus event results for each event and all-around. The user can change screen fonts, sizes and colors. Viewer is run on a computer connected via a network to the main ScoreKeeper computer.

The primary use for ScoreKeeper Viewer is to provide results to a video display used in some venues. These displays capture a video feed from a computer running ScoreKeeper Viewer and display them. You can also use Viewer to provider live results to the press or to television personnel who are broadcasting the meet.

Export and Import a Single Meet

You can now export a meet to a file and import that file to ScoreKeeper running on another computer. Common uses for this are to give a copy of the meet results to visiting teams or to transfer the meet results from the meet computer to computers used by coaches and SIDs.

Home Team Statisitics Web Page

ScoreKeeper can now generate a web page of home team statistics. Click here to see a sample.

Honor Roll Report and Web Page

For conferences, you can purchase additional home teams for each school in your conference. You can then import meet results export files from meets that include your conference teams into the conference's copy of ScoreKeeper. With this in place, you can print the home team statistics report for each team plus you can print the new Honor Roll report and/or create an Honor Roll web page that will combine data from all of your home teams. To see a sample of the Honor Roll web page, click here.

This is only a sampling of the most significant new features in ScoreKeeper version 1.2. For a complete list of all changes and new features, click here.


Starting a New Season for Your Home Team

Since starting a new season is a once a year task, it helps to be reminded of the process. It is not a difficult process but is made simpler by following a few steps.

  1. The first thing to do is add the season itself to the list. Go to Edit > Seasons and insert a new season.
  2. Next, go to your home team (Edit > Home Teams). Select your home team, and double click it or click the edit button (the one with the blue triangle).
  3. On the Gymnasts tab make sure the 2004-2005 season is selected. For each gymnast who will be on the team for the new season, highlight the name and click on the Add to New Season button in the lower right corner of the window.
  4. Change the selected season to the new 2005-2006 season you added in step 1. Check out the list to make sure you didn't miss anybody.
  5. Click on the insert button (with the blue plus sign) to add gymnasts who are new to the team this season.
  6. Save the home team record.

That's it; you're done.