ScoreKeeper News: Volume 10 - January 18, 2006

Using ScoreKeeper Flasher Scoreboards

Many of you know that Beaver Creek Software is less than a mile away from Oregon State University and that company president Peter Gysegem is at nearly all home meets setting up computers and helping get the scoring part of the meet set up. This year he is being joined by Joel Hackett who normally handles technical support for our other product line. Also this year, Oregon State is hosting Division I nationals and plans to use the new ScoreKeeper Flasher scoreboards to display final scores for each gymnast on each event. With a four-way home meet under our belts, we are working out the kinks and logistics. All in all, the first meet went extremely well. Sometimes the scores were not rotated so that everyone could see them but that's where the logistics comes in.

The ScoreKeeper Flasher scoreboards can be controlled by either the main ScoreKeeper program or from ScoreKeeper Remote, the remote data entry program operated at each head judge table. This setup, we found, had some particular advantages. The operator of the main ScoreKeeper program, no longer having to input individual scores, could more easily handle such tasks as changing scores from inquiries and printing results. Also, at Oregon State, the main computer controls the display of a paid of big Daktronics scoreboards and regularly updates the live scores web page on the internet. It's one busy little computer.

One change that we will be making to ScoreKeeper before the next meet is to give more options on what is displayed on the Flasher boards. One problem we had was that the boards were showing too much information with the gymnast's name, each judge's score, and the final score. Even when the boards were being rotated, not everybody got to see the most important information: the final score. There is already an setting for whether to show the individual judges' scores but we will be adding the option to turn off showing the gymnast's name.

The ScoreKeeper Flasher boards can display text in any of three colors: red, green, and amber. Text in the three different colors is not equally visible so we will be adding the option to select the colors used for each of the display modes.

With all the different things ScoreKeeper was doing in this meet it gave us a lot to think about. We are happy to report that the program was up to the task. We have even more ideas for future development. If you have ideas or suggestions, we would love to hear them. Many of the features now in the program were suggested by those of you who use the program.