ScoreKeeper News: Volume 11 - February 14, 2006

Creating Meet Templates

Meet templates give you a means to set most of the meet options and use the same options for each meet created from the template. You can have meet templates for home meets, away meets, etc. ScoreKeeper comes with several meet templates with common option choices. There are "System" templates and cannot be deleted but you can customize some of the settings to your preferences. Some options cannot be changed on system templates. You can also add your own templates by clicking on the blue Plus button. Templates you add yourself may be freely modified.

Most of the options and settings in meet templates are self-explanatory. It is important to examine every option on every tab. The manual, which you get to from the Help menu, gives you a detailed description of each option. The instructions entry on the Instructions tab allow you to give notes or addional instructions that will be displayed to the person creating a meet using this template. You can format the text with fonts, colors, paragraph settings etc. to make the instructions more readable and interesting. When this tab is active, a group of controls are added to the program tool bar. These controls let you determine the characteristics of the instruction text.


ScoreKeeper Flasher Update

The ScoreKeeper Flasher scoreboards have been working fabulously for the last couple of meets are Oregon State. As you may know, Oregon State is hosting the NCAA woman's gymnastics national championships in April. The home meets here (Beaver Creek Software is only a few blocks from the University) have been a series of dry runs for nationals. With the electronic Flasher boards being a new addition, we've been working out the kinks. There have been some changes to the ScoreKeeper program and some procedural changes during the meet to make sure everything displays what it should when it should. A recent addition has been to place each gymnast's name on the back of the electronic display with Velcro. With the name shown on both sides, one printed and one electronic, now fans throughout the coliseum can see it and it turns out that the electronic version is more readable at longer distances than the printed signs. We just have to make sure that the assistants on the floor change the name signs at the right time.