ScoreKeeper News: Volume 14 - December 28, 2006

New Version Numbering

We have changed ScoreKeeper's version numbers so that it makes it clearer which version you are running. Starting with the new release for the 2006-2007 season, you will see the year number instead of the more cryptic versions such as 1.2.007. We have retained the maintenance release numbering except that we are now starting with one instead of zero. The upgrade for the new season has a version number of 2007.001, the first release for 2007.

New Features in ScoreKeeper 2007

In addition to fixing some minor bugs, ScoreKeeper 2007 has some exciting new features.

Regional Qualifying Score Sheet Report

For some time, coaches have asked if ScoreKeeper could print their Regional Qualifying Score Sheet report. Well, we listened (better late than never) and ScoreKeeper 2007 includes this report on the Home Team Statistics report submenu. The report is modeled on the official 2006 women's gymnastics NCAARegional Qualifying Score Sheet report. This report does in seconds what it can take hours do to by hand.

Newspaper Meet Results

Sports Information folks often spend time after a meet compiling the meet results into a form they can send to the local newspaper. Now, in ScoreKeeper 2007, most of that drugery is handled by the software. The results are presented in an edit window where you can easily make any small changes needed before either copying the results to the clipboard or saving them as a text file. There are several options you can change to alter the results content and you can easily regenerate them with the click of a button. Another big time saver. The idea for this came from Liza David at UCLA. Thanks Liza!

New Tool Bar Buttons

Often during a meet, it is useful to print results, either the individual event results or the NCAA score sheet or both. To save time navigating through the menus, three buttons have been added to the tool bar. They are all printer icons with an added letter or number. To print the event results, click on the one with the letter E. To print the primary score sheet report, usually the NCAA Score Sheet, click the one with the number 1. If there is a secondary score sheet selected for the meet, the button with the number 2 will be available as well. Hovering the mouse over these buttons will tell you what report will be printed.

Automatic Network Updates

A new feature in ScoreKeeper 2007 is the ability to automatically install updates across your network. By creating a "primary" installation of ScoreKeeper on a file server or on a computer accessible from the others on the network, a simple configuration change on the secondary installations will allow them to automatically update themselves when you install updates on the primary installation.

To enable this feature, on each secondary installation, edit the SkSet.ini file in the Windows folder (may be called WinNT or Win2K on some computers).  The easiest way to do this is to select Run from your start menu, type SkSet.ini in the Open box and click Ok.
In the [Paths] section, change or add a line for NetPath so that it looks something like one of these:

NetPath=\\ServerName\Drive Name\Program Files\ScoreKeeper
NetPath=z:\Program Files\ScoreKeeper

The second example uses a mapped drive while the first doesn't require mapping a drive.

When this entry is present, running a secondary installation of ScoreKeeper, ScoreKeeper Viewer, or ScoreKeeper Remote will cause the program to look on that path to see if there are newer files and, if so, will copy them to the secondary computer.

New Troubleshooting Section in the Manual

ScoreKeeper has interfaces to several kinds of external hardware and systems. Sometimes these external devices and systems do not behave as you expect (or want). A new toubleshooting chapter in the manual gives you tips on how to diagnose and correct problems.