ScoreKeeper News: Volume 16 – March 26, 2007

Team Neutral Deductions

ScoreKeeper has long supported team neutral deductions, with the ability to enter a neutral deduction on one event or one that is not related to any event. However, because the official score sheet samples we got from the NCAA didn't include a place for these deductions, we didn't print them. The team scores were calculated properly with the deductions taken off the scores but the deductions themselves weren't shown. Well, that has now been remedied. By moving some things around just a bit, we were able to squeeze them in. If your meet has no team deductions entered, the only change you may notice is that the team's running scores at each event have been moved just a little to the right. When a team deduction is present, the text "ND:" and the deduction show up between the event score and the running score.

To enter a team neutral deduction, click on the "Team Neutral Deduction" button on the right side of the score entry screen. You will get a popup window where you can enter a deduction for the current team on the selected event and/or a non-event-related neutral deduction for the team.

What's funny about this issue is that in all the years schools have been using ScoreKeeper, this is the first year that we have been asked to make this change and the request has come from several schools at almost the same time. This feature is in the most recent release available now on our web site for you to download. If you have the 2007 version, it is a free download.