ScoreKeeper News: Volume 17 – December 3, 2008

Open Scoring for Men's Gymnastics

With the introduction of open scoring, where individual scores can and usually do exceed 10.0, there are some things to double check when you set up a new meet. The first, and this should be done before adding the meet, is to make sure your meet templates reflect the needs of open scoring. From the Edit menu, select Meet Templates and make sure you have the Men's teams selected. Edit each of these templates (or add new ones) and go to the Judging & Scoring tab. For the Maximum Score, enter 20 (or whatever is the highest possible score). Each meet has a corresponding Maximum Score field which is filled from the template. If you already entered the meet, just change this setting on the Judges & Judging tab.

That's almost all there is to it. When you enter scores for the meet, you may need to scroll the scores up to get to the higher scores. Just use the green up arrow immediately to the right of the scores to display the next higher block of scores.