ScoreKeeper News: Volume 18 – January 17, 2008

Regional Qualifying Score Report

I know it's a little early to be thinking about reporting your regional qualifying scores to the NCAA but there sas some confusion last year about ScoreKeeper's Regional Qualifying Score Report. Some schools thought that the NCAA wouldn't accept this report but that is not correct. This report was approved by the NCAA for reporting these scores and, to make it even better, saves you tons of work. How does a few seconds rather than a few hours sound? All you have to do is be sure that you enter all of your meets, including your away meets, then ScoreKeeper has all the information it needs to generate correct information on the form. And that leads into the next tip...


Getting Your Away Meet Results the Easy Way

With most colleges using ScoreKeeper these days (actually for many years), it will make your life much easier and avoid possible data entry errors by getting the results from your host institution. In ScoreKeeper, it is easy to export a single meet to a file and easy to import that file into another copy of ScoreKeeper. The only question is how you get that file. In days of old we used floppy disks but those days are behind us. Today, the easiest way to get the data is to put it one a USB flash drive also called thumb drives. Just remember to take one with you and give it to the person operating ScoreKeeper and they can give you the data at the end of the meet in a few seconds.

Another way to get the data is via email. When you have a home meet, offer to email the export files to your visiting teams. When you are visiting, if you didn't bring a flash drive (or forgot to give it to the ScoreKeeper operator), ask them to email the meet export file to you.