ScoreKeeper News: Volume 19 – January 29, 2008

New Upgrade Policy and Prices

by Peter Gysegem

The ScoreKeeper upgrade policy has always been to have one upgrade price to upgrade from any version to the most current version. Well, one price to go from one Windows version to the latest Windows version and a slightly higher price to go from any DOS version to the latest Windows version. Team that didn't stay current with the latest version each year were getting several years worth of upgrades for the price of one upgrade. The new policy addresses this discontinuity.

While the price of a yearly upgrade is not changing from the current $150, it will now cost more if you skip one or more years. If you skip one year, the price will be $300 to upgrade. If you skip two years, this would put the price at $450 except that this is more than the price of the full ScoreKeeper package so the upgrade from a version more than two old will be $399, the full package price.

We're keeping the old policy and pricing in effect through the end of February so, if you haven't upgraded in several years, this is your last chance for an "Amnesty" upgrade at the old price of $150 ($200 if upgrading from DOS). But don't wait until March 1or you'll be out of luck.

One thing to note is that the new policy and prices will have no effect on teams that already stay current and upgrade each year (thank you; you know who you are).

Why are we doing this? It's simple economics. ScoreKeeper has always been a product that makes little or no money for us and that's ok. As fans and supporters of the sport, work on ScoreKeeper has been mostly a labor of love. That's why we have kept the price of the program so low all these years. At least for now, that price will continue. However for the last few years, income from ScoreKeeper has not covered its development costs. We are finding it increasingly difficult to devote valuable resources to development when other projects, the ones that put food on our tables, are ignored or delayed. While I could live with this personally, I cannot ask my employees to make the same sacrifice.

Last year we changed version numbering to use the season year. For your reference, here are the version numbers and the corresponding season.

Version Season
2008 2007-2008
2007 2006-2007
1.2 2005-2006
1.1 2004-2005
1.0 2003-2004