ScoreKeeper News: Volume 22 – October 31, 2008

New Features in ScoreKeeper 2009

ScoreKeeper 2009 sports a new interface to scoreboards and other software with its new XML file output. XML is a universal data interchange format and ScoreKeeper now generates an XML file with the results of the current meet. If you want to use it, you have three choices for when to generate the file:

  1. On-demand when you clck a menu option
  2. Every time a score is entered
  3. On a timer where you set the number of seconds between generations

There are some additional options and you can choose anywhere on you network to place the file.

Another asked-for feature was added this year. ScoreKeeper can now export your lineup and you can send to a host institution to load. This saves manually entering your gymnasts and your lineup and prevents misspellings and mistakes during data entry. You can email the file or take it with you on a flash drive or other portable media.

We're not done yet! ScoreKeeper 2009 has a new score verification screen. It shows all judge scores and the average for each rotation with a screen tab for each event. When you want to quickly and easily verify your scores, this is the tool to help. That's not all, we've also included a simple popup calculator to help you check your calculations. You can even save the results to the Windows clipboard so you can paste them elsewhere.