ScoreKeeper News: Volume 25 – October 20, 2009

FIG Scoring for Men's Gymnastics

With men's gymnastics now using the FIG scoring system, each competitor is awarded a single "D" score for difficulty value and "E" execution scores from each judge. Then the D score is added to the average of the E scores to give the final score. ScoreKeeper now supports entering these D scores (it always did the individual judges' scores). The official score sheet has also been enhanced to include these D scores.

Sending Tweets to Twitter®

For your home team and each visiting team, ScoreKeeper can now store the team's Twitter account information. Then, whenever a score is entered, ScoreKeeper will compose a Tweet (the name given to Twitter messages) and send it to that team's Twitter feed. Everyone who follows the team can then get instant updates on the gymnasts' scores and the team total within seconds.

For your home team, the message can also include whether the gymnast's score set or tied a team or personal record. Pretty cool, huh? Also for your home team, the operator can quickly send a text tweet when something special happens (like winning the meet).

ScoreKeeper makes it easy by letting you create a information file with encrypted data that you can email or give to schools at away meets. The file includes your Twitter login information (encrypted, of course) and your team's home page. The same information, plus a lot more, is included when you export a lineup so you can do it either way.

You can enable or disable score tweets globally and team by team. If you have the Twitter and home page address in your home team record, it will get added to your meet team automatically when you create the meet.

Enhanced Meet Web Pages

I don't know if you are using it yet but ScoreKeeper 2009 introduced the ability to format your meet web pages (and home team stats web pages) using style sheets. You can give your pages a much more professional appearance by using style sheets. See the examples that show the same page with no style sheet and two different style sheets. The pages showing the different style sheets are exactly the same except for the name of the style sheet file. The first example, the orange and black one, as well as the no-style sheet page also demonstrate the new popup tips showing the gymnast's competition order as well as the scores from each judge. This information is shown as you move your mouse over a score in both the team detail area and in the event results.

With the team's home page address, not only will your team's scores get sent to your team's Twitter feed but the meet ressults web page will have a link to your team's home page. The first example page (using the orange and black style sheet) also shows home team page links for both Oregon State and UCLA.