ScoreKeeper News: Volume 30 – October 4, 2010

New Video Displays

Sometimes, perhaps frequently, budgets collide with needs and desires. One need that many teams face is displaying results for the fans (and the coaches) during the meet. Those big, beautiful, and expensive display scoreboards are often more of a dream than a budget item. To address that specific disparity, ScoreKeeper 2011 introduces a series of attractive video display options that can be used on standard large-screen or projector television displays that cost a few thousand dollars rather than a few hundred thousands dollars.

There are actually three different displays, each highly customizable to accommodate different display sizes. You can set the screen and text colors and can even display a background graphic image. This makes it easy to create screens to match your school colors.

You can click on an image to see the full size version.

Team Results

The first is a simple display of team results.

Team video display

You can decide how many team to show on one screen and adjust the spacing for the best appearance. With an appropriate background graphic, you can even highlight your home team as in the example above. This example also shows a gradient background graphic.

Team Details

The second display shows one team per screen and the gymnast scores on one event. These screen cycle between all teams in the current rotation.

Team details video display

This example shows different colors and a solid color background.

Event Details

The final display shows results by event and cycles through all events.

Event details video display

You can sort the results by competition order or by score.

With all of these video displays, there are many ways to customize the appearance and content of the screens.

Twitter Update

The programming department spent considerable effort adding a new feature to send a tweet of the current rotation team results. However, when they attempted to test it, nothing would show up on Twitter. Much time was taken to find the problem and discovered that since last year, Twitter has changed the way software programs and web sites can interact with Twitter. The good news is that the new methods are now more secure. The bad news is that they use a complex two-way communication scheme that is, at present, not possible with ScoreKeeper. What that means for you is that you cannot use the Twitter features of ScoreKeeper until or unless we can adapt to the new interface.

Reports New and Changed

ScoreKeeper 2011 has some useful new and changed meet setup reports.

Hand Scoring Sheets

The hand scoring sheets report has undergone a makeover to make the form more useable as well as more attractive. Frankly, the old report had a rather amateurish appearance inherited almost unchanged from the old DOS days. The new version looks more like the hand scoring half sheets that were added to ScoreKeeper last year.

Score Verification Sheets

Behind the scenes, this is actually two reports, one for team meets and one for individual event finals, but with a common menu choice. The program knows what kind of meet it is and selects the appropriate version of the form. The team meet form is identical to the hand scoring half sheets except that the scores are filled in. The individual event finals version is identical to the new hand scoring sheets but with the scores filled in.

Although the score verification sheets stretch the definition of meet setup reports, because they actually have results printed on them, they are nonetheless used to help run a meet by verifying scores before they are considered final. Anyway, that was the justification for putting them on the Setup for Meet submenu rather Meet Results submenu.