ScoreKeeper News: Volume 32 – November 12, 2011

Submitting Meet Results to Troester

With ScoreKeeper's new abililty to upload all of the meet results to the Troester site, there are several things you need to do to set up the program for it to work. For example, you have to supply the necessary information to identify each meet, team, and gymnast. Also, ScoreKeeper needs to know how to connect to your email server because it uses email to send the results to Troester.

Home Team Settings

There are several places where information needs to be entered. The first is in your home team settings. This is where you will enter the ID assigned to your home team and to each of your gymnasts. Technically, you don't need to enter the IDs for your home team and gymnasts but it will save you a lot of time later because you will have to enter them for each meet. If they are already present for your home team, they will be copied to your team in the meet.

The home team entry screen is also where you enter the email server settings. These can often be copied from their equivalent settings in whatever email program you use. Often times, however, the password is hidden so unless you know it, you might need to get this information from your athletic IT department.

Setting Up the Meet

In the New Meet Wizard, on the screen where you indicate whether this is a home or away meet, you will find a check box labeled Send meet results to the Troester site. If you want ScoreKeeper to send the results, check this box and it will happen when you Finalize the Meet. The same check box is available on the Email tab of the meet settings so if you neglect to set it in the wizard, you can do it later.

When you set up the meet, ScoreKeeper will automatically add your home team as the first team in the meet. If you have entered the Troester IDs for your home team and gymnasts, they will already be entered for your team in the meet.

When entering the visiting teams in the meet, you can do it very quickly if they have sent you a ScoreKeeper lineup file. If you have one or more lineup files from visiting teams, use the Import Lineup button on the teams list to import the visiting team, their gymnasts, and their lineup. The Troester IDs should be part of the lineup file, assuming they were entered by the visiting team.

If you don't have a lineup file, enter the team, gymnasts, and lineup manually. Be sure to enter the Meet ID, Team ID, and each Gymnast ID. Because of how the Troester system works, there is not a single ID for a meet. Rather, each team in the meet has a unique Meet ID as well as a unique Team ID. Gymnast IDs may be the same from one team to the next but will be unique within a single team. If your visiting team has not provided you with the necessary Troester IDs, you can get them from the Troester system yourself.

Away Meets

When you are going to an away meet, you can make it easier on the team you are visiting by sending them a ScoreKeeper lineup file. Creating this file is simple. Just create a new meet and if you add your email address to the meet's email distribution list, it will be included in the lineup file and added to the meet when the host team loads your lineup file. That way you will be emailed the meet results and can easily import it back into your copy of ScoreKeeper.

When you add the away meet, your home team will be added automatically and should carry along the Team ID and Gymnast IDs from you home team record. Edit the team, enter the Troester Meet ID, and confirm the Team ID. Set the event lineups and save the team then use the Export Lineup button to create the lineup file. You can email this file to the host team. This will not only save them time to enter your team and lineups, but it will guarantee that all the names will be spelled correctly and that your Troester IDs are correct.

If everybody plays nice, the system will be very efficient.

NOTE: All ID numbers are assigned by the Troester system and you can get them, even for other teams, by going to and logging into the system.