ScoreKeeper News: Volume 33 – December 7, 2011

Using the New Chat Feature

If, along with using the main ScoreKeeper program, you are using ScoreKeeper Remote to enter the scores at each event, you might appreciate the new Chat window in ScoreKeeper 2012. Chat will allow the main computer and each event computer to communicate using an easy-to-use chat window. Whatever the user types will be broadcast to all of the other computers running ScoreKeeper or ScoreKeeper Remote. To send a message to a single event only, preface the message with :eventname: (that's a colon immediately before and after the name of the event, for example, :VAULT:). Upper or lower case doesn't matter but don't add a space between the colons and the event name.

A check box at the bottom of the screen allows you to display the time with each message. Unchecking this box will hide the time if you don't want it. If the conversation becomes cluttered with messages, click the Clear button to clear the conversation.

The main ScoreKeeper program also has the ability to issue a variety of commands to a selected event computer. Just highlight the event to send to, the command to send, then click the Send Command button. The available commands are:

  • Refresh team lineup on the event
  • Clear the Flasher display board (if you have ScoreKeeper Flasher boards)
  • Shut down ScoreKeeper Remote
  • Shut down ScoreKeeper Remote and Windows
  • Shut down ScoreKeeper Remote and restart Windows
  • Clear the chat conversation from the chat window.
  • Close the chat window

If you can come up with other useful commands, let us know and we just might be able to add them.