ScoreKeeper News: Volume 34 – January 19, 2012

Setting Up Email

The changes we made to the email setup will require you to check your email settings even if they were working perfectly. Just go to Edit > Home Teams and select the Email tab. There is now a new setting for Email Server. There are three choices, None (don't send email at all when finalizing a meet), Default (send email using the Beaver Creek Software email server, and My Institution (send email using your own email server).

If your email was working, just select My Institution. If you were having problems with the email, try the Default selection.

If you choose the None selection and you have your meet set to send results to Troester, you will get a message when finalizing the meet. The message will tell you the names of two file that you can email yourself manually rather than keying in all the meet results on the Troester site.