ScoreKeeper News: Volume 36 – April 2, 2012

Use the Tool Bar to Save Time

The ScoreKeeper tool bar primarily consists of the row of buttons just below the menus at the top of the screen. Each of these buttons has a corresponding menu item associated with it but it is much quicker to use the toolbar button, an important consideration during a busy meet.

Rather than go into a detailed explanation of each of the toolbar buttons, something that's easy to forget later, I'll suggest that you hover your mouse over each of the buttons for a second or so. That causes a descriptive tool tip to pop up telling you what each of the buttons does. Once you get used to clicking the button instead of navigating through the menus, you'll never go back.

There are a few buttons that do merit a little description. The first is the chat button, the blue test bubble fifth from the left. This opens a chat window that will allow the main computer to send a message to the ScoreKeeper Remote users. It also lets you control certain functions on the ScoreKeeper Remote computers. You can, for example, force the Remote screen to refresh the lineup. This is useful if you have a lineup change. This and other commands are on the Commands tab of the chat window. Just select an event and the command you wish to execute and click the Send Command button.

Another button that is particularly useful is the one that prints the NCAA Score Sheet. Look for the printer icon with the blue number 1 on it. It sure is a lot faster than selecting the Report menu then Meet Results submenu and, finally, the score sheet menu item. The button next to it with the capital E over the printer icon lets you print the event results.

Lastly, notice the button with a green check on a white window icon. Clicking it opens the score verification window. If you are verifying scores either during or after the meet, this screen makes the job go much quicker than other methods.

I think you, or whoever is running ScoreKeeper during the meet, will find the toolbar very useful and I hope you give it a try if you are not already using it.