ScoreKeeper News: Volume 42 – April 4, 2013

ScoreKeeper 2013.006 Now Available

ScoreKeeper 2013.006 is now available for download. At the various conference championships a couple of weeks ago, we discovered some issues in ScoreKeeper. The most important was that team neutral deductions were not used to calculate team scores in meet web pages and some reports. This new release fixes this problem and others that will espcially affect those hosting, regional, or national championships. This is an important update, don't ignore it.

Useful Shortcuts

The ScoreKeeper toolbar has some useful shortcuts that are particularly handy in busy meets such as invitationals and championships. Unfortunately, these are often ignored because folks don't know what they do. The two most helpful buttons are the two print buttons. The first is the one with the capital E on it. This is a quick way to print event results. The other is the one with the number 1 on it. This will print the official score sheet selected for the meet. If there are two official score sheets selected for a meet, there will be a button with the number 2 on it to print the second official score sheet.

These buttons will save valuable seconds when people are clamoring for printouts and the operator finds themselves fumbling through the menus.