ScoreKeeper News: Volume 45 – November 17, 2014

ScoreKeeper 2015 Now Available

ScoreKeeper 2015 is now available for download. One of the biggest changes this season is a long-asked-for feature, printing directly to Adobe Acrobat PDF files. When you print reports, including the official score sheets, you will have the option of printing directly to the printer, previewing the report (from which you can print all or part of it), and sending it to a PDF file. Click here to see the full list of changes.

Video, Video, Video

For the last few years, ScoreKeeper has had the ability to feed results to a video display. This can be a big expensive scoreboard system, a large screen television, or a video projector. The latter two options are perfect for smaller venues or for those with limited budgets. This video interface in ScoreKeeper is what was used at the last couple of national championships to display results on the large video scoreboards.

Don't forget about our new video flashers. Set one of these at each event and display results for that event from ScoreKeeper Remote as they are entered. You can display any combination of the following:

  • Event name
  • Green flag with optional countdown
  • Gymnast's name
  • Judge number, judge score, and/or judge start value
  • Gymnast's final score
  • Graphic image (perhaps a school logo or an advertisement)

The green flag screen can be used to replace the green flag raised by the head judge and you can set the number of seconds to count down before the gymnast is supposed to start the routine. For each of these screens, you can set colors fonts, display times and more. Plus the operator can switch to a different screen as needed.

More information and images are at