Appointment Scheduler

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The Appointment Scheduler us a powerful add-on for The THERAPIST Pro or EZ. It uses your existing lists of patients and providers to schedule patient appointments, group appointments, and other appointments and events.

You can view the schedule for one or two providers at a time. With two providers on one screen, you can easily find available times for meetings and other events for two or more providers. Click here to view.

For a different view, the second screen shows one provider's schedule for a week at a time. A screen option lets you view short weeks. This is useful if, for example, the office is closed on weekends. Click here to view.

Adding an appointment, is fast and easy. Select the time and one of four appointment types, Patient, Group, Non-patient, Other events.

If it's a patient or group appointment, you then select the appropriate patient or group. You can change the appointment length if needed then you're done, all in a few seconds.

For group appointments, you can indicate for each member of the group who is scheduled to attend the appointment and who has been confirmed.

The Appointment Scheduler uses distinctive colors to clearly identify appointments and available times. You can even set your own colors, a useful feature for those who have difficulty in distinguishing colors.

Create Services from Appointments

Patient and group appointments can be used to generate services. By using patient and system memorized services, this task is made almost effortless. You can even specify different memorized services for individual group members.

Recurring Events

The Appointment Scheduler uses recurring events to schedule a series of appointments or other events. You can specify daily, weekly, monthly by date or by day. Enter the starting and ending dates, start time and appointment length. The appointments will be added automatically. The screen image shows a "Monthly By Day" recurring appointment for the first and third Wednesday of every month.

Schedule Setup

There are three parts to setting up your availability schedules. The first is the list of holidays and other and special days, An option for the holiday, lets you indicate that the office will be closed.

The other two availability setups are specific to each provider. On the first of these you indicate which hours of which week days the provider is normally available. For example, on the weekly schedule screen image, the provider is available all day on Mondays but reserves lunch times on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Fridays, she is only available for emergencies before 1:00 p.m. This is obvious when viewed in color.

The second provider scheduling setup is to specify exceptions to the normal schedule. This can be for special events such as conferences or vacations.

Provider ToDo Lists

The Appointment Scheduler also adds a useful feature that lets you list tasks that need to be accomplished. You can enter a due date and indicate when the task has been completed.